The Persuasion Equation

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“Being exposed to the Persuasion Equation is like a Magician exposing his secrets.”

What is the Persuasion Equation?

Having helped coach business start-ups into multi-million pound Plc’s, guided individual salespeople to become self-made millionaires and delivered training in over 26 countries worldwide, then if there is something we at Salesology know is, what it takes to be an Elite Sales Performer whether face to face, internal sales or telephone based.

Becoming an elite sales performer

Unquestionably, the one crucial element which is a pre-requisite for becoming an elite sales performer then it has to be the innate ability to influence and persuade.

In a world where prospects and customers are exposed to more sales opportunities than at any other stage in human history, then can we still rely on traditional sales methods and sales processes to work as they did in yesteryear?

Of course not, as what other company department would function effectively and efficiently using technology and methods of 20 years ago?

Is this event right for you?

WARNING: If you require a generic sales refresher training then this is definitely NOT for you! For those seeking fresh, new and unique sales growth and persuasion strategies then Gary is guaranteed to deliver a presentation like no other.

  • are your teams desperate to learn the strategies of the very best salespeople on the planet?

  • have you brought in other trainers who didn’t have the desired long- lasting effect?

  • are you utterly bored of hearing the same old techniques dressed up in modern language?

  • do you have a strong desire tooutperform your competitors?

  • are you fed up of losing business to inferior offerings

  • are you ready to accelerate your sales quickly?

What will you learn?

Taken from The Full Persuasion BluPrint™ model you will be exposed to:

  • Discover why most telephone salespeople are failing with one simply technique 

  • Learn how you are being persuaded by the big corporations and how you can employ the same methods

  • Understand the monumental importance of perfecting a persuasive persona

  • Why you are losing to your competitors even though you have a superior offering

  • Discover why your USPs are nothing other than ‘Universal Sales Propositions’

  • Take away the exclusive research carried out by our founder Gary May on creating urgency and compulsion in others to want to take action

  • Understand and recreate the rules of buying decision making (they aren’t what you think)

  • Have prospects feel delighted to pay more and without negotiating

  • Learn how to create an influential presentations

  • How to present persuasively in public and/or to groups

  • Discover the body language secrets of world-leaders, industry authorities and top business owners

  • Plus so much more!!!

Featured Talks & Speakers

Having trained, coached and mentored thousands of ‘Elite’ salespeople in businesses in over 26 countries worldwide, with Gary you are getting the brain, the research and his infectious passion behind the strategies, NOT just someone who has been trained to deliver them.

With an unrivalled track record, Gary’s expertise and years of research have resulted in him being widely acknowledged as the ‘MUST HAVE’ sales acceleration expert amongst his peers.

As a Sales Strategist, Gary’s unique insights, unrivalled strategies, and exceptional training have been instrumental in aiding companies generated huge numbers of new sales, massively increased  conversion rates, higher order values and the driving force behind vast quantities of referral business.

Gary May

Sales Strategist

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