Are you based in the UK or, more importantly, are your customers and clients based in the UK? If so, then this week you have an enormous sales opportunity waiting for you to take advantage of!

As all us Brits know, at 2am on the 28th October 2018 all our clocks go back an hour because this signifies the end of British Summer Time (BST) and we revert back to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

So, my question is this. How many of you are taking advantage of this special twice a year event to generate new business, create amazing customer loyalty and promote the quality of your business?

The concept here is simple, however, the psychology behind it is not only sound but it’s bloody brilliant as you will see.


Have you provided your existing customers or clients with products that have a clock function?

For example Telephone System, PC, Laptop, Car, Van, Lorry, Tractor, Motorcycle, Oven, Microwave, Central Heating Boiler, Control Panel, Manufacturing Robot, Security System, Camera, TV etc etc etc etc? If so you are going to LOVE this.

Now, like me, I’m sure you’ve experienced waking up on Sunday morning, walking around the house looking at the clocks that are now reading the wrong time by an hour right? And, also like me, no doubt you’ve forgotten how to change it and have now given yourself the job of searching the ‘crap drawer’ or researching endless websites for the instructions! (our oven gets me every time!!!!).

It’s not just at home either because come Monday morning, someone will be tasked to find out how to change the time on the office phone system, the alarm system or the air-conditioning unit and have to go and find out it’s make, it’s model and serial number before wasting time searching manufacturers websites looking for instructions about changing a stupid clock.

You know this happens and you also know that your customers and clients will be going through the exact same thing next week. So, why not take advantage of this twice a year event and prove to them as to why you are the best company to do business and in doing so separating yourselves from all the mediocre competition.

You Have 4 Days & Counting!

Question: Why are you not sending your customers and clients details of how to change their clock BEFORE and in ADVANCE preventing them from having to either contact you or have to search endless website pages to find the instructions.

Here’s how you can win big time!

  • Send customers an email with specific instructions for the products they own
  • Send customers an email with a link taking them directly to where they will find instructions in advance
  • If you have call recording, record a message with instructions on how to change the clock function and attach it to an email
  • Create a landing page or area on your website knowing come Monday customers will be wanting to find instructions.

As I said before, the concept is a simple one, however, the psychology behind it is absolutely beautiful both in design and effect.

The Brilliant Psychology Behind The Strategy

Law of Reciprocity: If you give someone something of ‘perceived’ value and ask for nothing in exchange, you induce a desire in that person to want to give you something in return.

Do the instructions of how to amend their clock function have a perceived value to your existing customers? Unquestionably they do because you have prevented them from having to dig out instructions, search the internet or having to look at the wrong time for the next six months. (Guaranteed this is my Mum’s car)

How will they ‘feel’ about you and their choice of company they have chosen to do business with? Grateful, thankful and a feeling that they made the right choice.

What will they give you in return? Additional business, their loyalty and without a doubt, free marketing because they will tell other people about the kind and thoughtful gesture. Simple, yet genius.

Law of Contrast: When two similar products or services are placed closing in time and space, their differences become more apparent.

Let me explain. If I introduced you to my identical twin friends, one on a Monday and the other on a Friday, it would be almost impossible for you to notice their differences. However, if I introduced you to both of them on the same day and in the same room, (time and space) then you’d no doubt be able to spot their subtle differences.

EVERY clock in your customers business will have to be changed right? You have the opportunity to separate your service from all the others that didn’t bother to send instructions. Not only that but during the day if they were to speak about the clocks going back to other business associates then who are they going to mention? Exactly… YOU!

Empathy: It has been proven that ‘Empathy’ is a crucial and vital element for being able to persuade or influence another human being. (ie sell)

How much Empathy are you showing your customers about the possible situation they might find themselves in come Monday morning having to dick around trying to figure out how to change the clock in their lorry or on their microwave.


If you’re not already doing the above or I haven’t convinced you as to why you should then I don’t know what will because this to me is a perfect opportunity to wow them with something very simple ensuring their ongoing business.

Let us know your thoughts and comments below.

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