“…In less than 100 words tell us why you buy our product over the competitors” 

No doubt you have all seen these types of innocuous competitions run by the majority of large corporations, however, have you ever thought about why they do it and what effect it has on those who participate because the answer is far cleverer than you might ever dare imagine?

Before I reveal what covert psychological techniques they are employing to generate huge additional sales, I first want to place the concept in a completely different environment.

Nowadays, as part of any sporting event, it has become ritual to discuss who is going to win, by how much and why with friends, family and colleagues, right? Naturally, we want to justify to others as to why we believe we are right and why other ‘less informed’ fans have got it totally wrong.

It is when we justify our choices that these covert psychological strategies take hold ensuring we are now hugely more committed to our opinion and will do almost anything to defend our decision if challenged!

Equally, the same is also true if, as part of your job role when you have to present a new idea, a new concept or justify making a decision the business owner. As soon as you make stand about why you have made a decision, you now become totally bonded with it EVEN if faced with overwhelming evidence that you are wrong. It’s the act of justification that will get you every time!

KEY CONCEPT: Covert Psychological Trigger #1 – When you justify a decision, idea or point of view, you become much more attached and committed to it, which makes it virtually impossible for someone else to change your mind.

How Have the Big Corporations Used This?

“…In less than 100 words tell us why you buy our product over the competitors”

Do you think the company who ran this competition knew these covert sales strategy above?

Categorically they do because I’ve trained most of them on how to do it!

Just think about when someone says to you, ‘Why did you choose…XYZ?’

As soon as you justify your decision you have now become emotionally and psychologically bonded with it. So much so, that if they then question your decision, you will now defend it and be totally loyal to that decision.

That’s why they ask you to express your view… It keeps you loyal to their product and brand! Amazing.


“…In less than 100 words tell us why you buy our product over the competitors” 

Is there a better way of receiving thousands if not millions of glowing testimonials from unsuspecting participants and without them ever knowing about it?

Surely, you’re just entering a competition, aren’t you? Absolutely NOT!

A new 65’’ 4K TV in exchange for 100,000’s of exceptional testimonials… Could these corporations be that cynical?

As we said earlier, once you make a stand about a decision it is virtually impossible for someone else to change it.

The company who ran the competition now have you and your loyalty forever! They know you will not only keep buying their products, excepting their special offers and trying new ranges AND you will JUSTIFY the brand to others who currently don’t use them! You’re now THEIR FREE sales agent!


Now it’s YOUR Turn!

Do you not think it is about time you asked your customers to verbalise or write down why they choose YOU over your competitors?

Key HINT – Maybe you could be entering a national business or industry award and wanted to know what your customers thought of you? [Just a thought!]

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