Manchester United legend Beatrice Evra expressed envy of Tottenham Hotspur.

Manchester United legend Beatrice Evra expressed envy of Tottenham Hotspur.

Manchester United had a lot of expectations last season. Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Varane and Jadon Sancho were expected to compete for the title as they finished second in the league the previous season 먹튀검증.

However, his face was gradually revealed in his jagged appearance. He confirmed a big gap with his rival team and lost to the relegation team.

Tottenham’s situation was no different. Since the opening, it has only shone for a while with three consecutive wins, and a poor game has continued.

The two teams we met in difficult situations. The winner of the match called the guillotine match was Manchester United. On this day, Manchester United gave Ole Gunnar Solskjaer more opportunities, and Tottenham gave a new baton to Antonio Conte.

Since then, the fate of Manchester United and Tottenham has changed. Manchester United’s slump led to a belated replacement of coaches, but they finished the season in sixth place. Tottenham, on the other hand, achieved the fourth place goal with coach Conte.

Both teams had Conte as a candidate for the next head coach, so their contrast was bound to be sharply divided.

Evra also felt sorry for her old team’s situation. He said through Britain’s ‘Mirror’ on the 23rd, “It is heartbreaking. Conte, Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola are now called the best leaders in the world. It is all the more so because Manchester United was able to embrace it.”

He added, “At that time, some members of the club were not our style and were not looking for it.”

There was another reason why Evra felt sorry. Leaving Manchester United in the summer of 2014 to Juventus, he heard a lot about Conte, the previous head coach.

Evra recalled, “It was a big disappointment because I was a coach who could do something at Manchester United. When I went to Juventus, all the players told me, ‘Coach Conte is a genius. He is addicted to soccer and passionate.’ Then the players have no choice but to play really hard.”

Coach Conte led Tottenham to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. “We can see when we see Tottenham. Conte led the team to the Champions League. That’s why he is called a genius,” said Evra, raising his thumb.

Finally, Evra said, “When I look at Tottenham fans, the players are happy to pour everything, whether they win or lose. This is Conte’s way. It’s also why I’m heartbroken.”

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